we have a full complimentary range of vehicle sizes to suit the requirements of our clients
Small van / Dispatch / long and Extra Long wheel base vans / 7.5 Tonne / 18 Tonne / 26 Tonne / 44 Tonne Articulated

Emergency Drop off

We are available for you to drop you goods at our warehouse, that we will re-deliver at your request. We are available to collect your goods if you are running late.
We have fork-lifts available to trans-ship you goods between your vehicles.
Struggling with booking times we may be able to help.
Load forwarding and short-term storage available.

ADR Deliveries

We are now available to transport all your ADR goods in dedicated vehicles through-out the UK.

Level B

All of our vehicles and staff are aviation approved.

Type of Vehicle

in feet


Pallets carried

Small vans            

5’ x  4’ x  3’ 

700 kg                  

1 pallet

Large vans

10’ x 5’ x 6’

1400 kg

3 pallets

3.5T Vehicles

13’ x 6.6’ x 6

1250 kg 

6 pallets

7.5T Vehicles  

20’ x 8’ x 8’

3000 kg

10 pallets

18 T Vehicles

28` x 8`x 8`6

9300 kg (tail-lift)

16 pallets

44 T Vehicles with various trailers listed below


44` x 8 x 8`6

28000 kg (tail-lift)

26 pallets